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Firefighter Training & Records Management



The Fire Learning Management System (or “FLMS”) fulfills the need for fire departments to provide life-long learning of knowledge and the continuous acquisition and practice of skills. Refresh or maintenance training needs to be ongoing with safe and planned supervision. FLMS combines these two needs with a strategic recording and reporting system modelled after NFPA 1401.

Because this responsibility resides within the fire department, the solution needs to be a locally driven one that is available to everyone, all the time, wherever they are.



Our Fire Departments are

mastering time for training.











Save Time and Money. Reducing Risk and Liability. Increase Safety.


Complete Firefighter Lifelong Training Records

Firefighters generate their own training records as they use the system, which is very different from the tradition of recording training tasks separately from the delivery of training itself.  Many hands make light work.

Local Curriculum and Content Control

Course libraries contain courses based on standards, yet leaving courses and content open for local change.  By modifying existing content to fit your department’s needs, you avoid “Re-Inventing the Wheel”.  Course sharing between FLMS extends this model even further.

Qualifications and Credentials Management

As firefighters progress through and complete entire curriculums of knowledge and skills based assessment and evaluation, qualification requirements are met and recognized within the FLMS.

Training Attendance and Scheduling

The FLMS helps keep firefighters and instructors on track by enabling fire departments to schedule courses and record attendance, accumulating provable recorded training time in the class and on the floor.


Modeled after NFPA 1401 Requirements

FLMS is modelled after NFPA 1401 which represents Training Records and Reports best practice in the fire service.

No Software to Install, No Server to Manage

FLMS is delivered completely online – fire departments do not have to maintain complex technical infrastructures, enabling them to stay focused on the primary mission.

Available via the Internet 24×7

FLMS is available all the time, at home, on the road, wherever you instruct or learn – exactly what the new generation of learners expects.

Browser and Device Independence

PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, whatever your device your modern browser runs from (mobile or desktop), access your department’s e-training system.


Reduce the risk of serious or fatal injury through training technology

while improving training communications and performance.




Stillwater service offerings compliment our E-Training system that offload burdensome tasks from fire department staff.



Organization-wide migration to an e-Training Model


Course Training/Conversion and Custom Development of e-Training Courses and Curriculums


Develop features unique to your Department’s needs


Capture and utilize new forms of online media


Contract out repetitive or large data entry e-Training tasks


Phone, Email and On-Site support from Fire Service Instructors



Developed from within a fire department, the FLMS represents a unique grass-roots

solution with a workflow that all fire department personnel have access to.







Join our growing family of Ontario based fire departments benefiting from the advantages of an e-Training system designed for your jurisdiction. We have delivered NFPA 1001, NFPA 1002, NFPA 1021, NFPA 472 and other courses thousands of times for our partner departments.



Each feature solves a need expressed from within an active modern day fire department by fire

training and suppression personnel – the users of the FLMS itself.




The Stillwater team is diverse group of professionals delivering courseware and technology to firefighting professionals.


  • Jay Patterson


    Jay has a 30 year career in Information Technology and Human Support Systems and 15 years in the Ontario Fire Service currently serving as a District Fire Chief and holds an Ontario Training Officer's Diploma (IFSAC Certified).

  • Brent Lucas


    After 9 years in Energy Sector Consulting and 4 as an Army Reservist, Brent handles the technical infrastructure for Stillwater.

  • Derek Yundt

    Implementation Specialist

    15 years of experience with operations and support roles, Acting Captain with 8 years on a very active Fire Department, Derek coordinates customer support and manages the onboarding of new FLMS customers & curriculums.

  • Harshil Shah

    Lead Developer

    With a BA in Computer Engineering, Harshil leads the technical and programming development of the FLMS.

  • Sue Patterson

    Operations Manager

    Susan is our tireless Office Manager, enabling our operations team to maximize its time meeting clients needs and expectations.

  • Maja Lazarova

    Curriculum Assistant

    As the curriculum manager, Maja maintains our Curriculum libraries and plays a key role in implementation, deployment and data processing services for the FLMS. Maja holds a Master's Degree in Software Engineering and Web Design.




Developed from within a fire department, the FLMS represents a unique grass-roots

solution with a workflow that all fire department personnel have access to.




Firefighter Training Management Built By Firefighters


Since 2009 Stillwater Consulting has been helping fire departments modernize firefighter training through the application of e-training technology designed around their unique needs and standards. e-Training combines the knowledge and practical skills requirement, all in one central training system.

Our platform has been designed by fire service instructors to provide capabilities unique to the needs of the fire service. Cost effectiveness, customizability and first class support are central pillars of our service. Training content can be updated at any time and made available to every member of the fire department in real time. In this way an FLMS empowered fire department provides it’s members with up to date standards, regulation and knowledge and skills, improving firefighter safety and performance, reporting evolving learner progress and qualification metrics, while managing risk and liability.


The FLMS fulfills the need for fire departments to provide

life-long learning of knowledge and the continuous acquisition and practice of skills.




Center for Emergency Response and Public Safety



CERPS is a service for high quality on-line education with the mission to serve the unique needs of Emergency Responders in the Province of Ontario. As a trusted partner of the Ontario Fire Service, we join a select group of Regional Training Centers (RTCs) mandated to extend access, frequency and effectiveness of training and skill development for Firefighters. As the demand for training accelerates, the CERPS e-learning solution provides a new and important extension of the Ontario Fire College mandate for training and enhanced workplace safety for fire service professionals.
E-Learning at CERPS is self-paced and self-directed in a way that allows students to move through course material at their own pace, when and where they are located.  Courses are delivered through your internet browser and don’t require any special software to be installed on your computer or mobile device. Use your fire station, home computer or your mobile device to access your courses, anywhere, anytime.  Set your own schedule – CERPS courses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – your virtual classroom is always open.
CERPS Courses are available through the Ontario Fire College through their annual Calendar, Departmental Learning Contract, or your local Regional Training Center. You can request courses through your chain of command as you normally would any other course offered at the Ontario Fire College.



Proof of training through records and reporting are created as the system is used,

rather than as a separate data entry task – many hands make light work.





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