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Complete Firefighter Lifelong Training Records

Firefighters generate their own training records as they use the system, which is very different from the tradition of recording training tasks separately from the delivery of training itself.  Many hands make light work.

Local Curriculum and Content Control

Course libraries contain courses based on standards, yet leaving courses and content open for local change.  By modifying existing content to fit your department’s needs, you avoid “Re-Inventing the Wheel”.  Course sharing between FLMS extends this model even further.

Qualifications and Credentials Management

As firefighters progress through and complete entire curriculums of knowledge and skills based assessment and evaluation, qualification requirements are met and recognized within the FLMS.

Training Attendance and Scheduling

The FLMS helps keep firefighters and instructors on track by enabling fire departments to schedule courses and record attendance, accumulating provable recorded training time in the class and on the floor.


Modeled after NFPA 1401 Requirements

FLMS is modelled after NFPA 1401 which represents Training Records and Reports best practice in the fire service.

No Software to Install, No Server to Manage

FLMS is delivered completely online – fire departments do not have to maintain complex technical infrastructures, enabling them to stay focused on the primary mission.

Available via the Internet 24×7

FLMS is available all the time, at home, on the road, wherever you instruct or learn – exactly what the new generation of learners expects.

Browser and Device Independence

PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, whatever your device your modern browser runs from (mobile or desktop), access your department’s e-training system.


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