Center for Emergency Response and Public Safety



CERPS is a service for high quality on-line education with the mission to serve the unique needs of Emergency Responders in the Province of Ontario. As a trusted partner of the Ontario Fire Service, we join a select group of Regional Training Centers (RTCs) mandated to extend access, frequency and effectiveness of training and skill development for Firefighters. As the demand for training accelerates, the CERPS e-learning solution provides a new and important extension of the Ontario Fire College mandate for training and enhanced workplace safety for fire service professionals.
E-Learning at CERPS is self-paced and self-directed in a way that allows students to move through course material at their own pace, when and where they are located.  Courses are delivered through your internet browser and don’t require any special software to be installed on your computer or mobile device. Use your fire station, home computer or your mobile device to access your courses, anywhere, anytime.  Set your own schedule – CERPS courses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – your virtual classroom is always open.
CERPS Courses are available through the Ontario Fire College through their annual Calendar, Departmental Learning Contract, or your local Regional Training Center. You can request courses through your chain of command as you normally would any other course offered at the Ontario Fire College.



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