For those seeking certification for NFPA 1001 Firefighter I, or, who require NFPA 472 Hazardous Materials WMD/CBRNE Awareness and Core Ops. A new option is to take your Awareness level course online through the Ontario Fire College using the CERPS (Center For Emergency Response and Public Safety Regional Training Center) e-Learning site.  The course can be completed entirely online over a 30 day period, making it accessible to busy first responders anywhere, at any time. No travel or attendance to a class is required.

This online course has been approved by the educational standards branch of the OFMEM and can used to study and qualify to take your provincial NFPA 472 Level 1 exam. The course covers all the knowledge requirements and provides practical exercises in using the Emergency Response Guide in real-world situations.  The course is for emergency first responders who in the normal course of their duties, could encounter an emergency involving hazardous materials / weapons of mass destruction and who are expected to recognize the presence of hazardous materials / weapons of mass destruction, take initial actions and protect themselves and the public.

This course is available through the Ontario Fire College and can be requested through your fire department, EMS of police chain of command.  For course vacancies, contact the OFMEM at [email protected]

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