Once again we had a fantastic time at the Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs Trade Show and Exhibition.

We saw a large volume of Departments that we have never interacted with before with our Fire Learning Management System. Alot of new faces on the first day and more than a few interested in our new product, “paperless inspection forms” or CheckFire™. We had two departments ask us to have it up and running the NEXT DAY! We make it our business to figure out pain points in the daily operations of fire training and we are very gratified that the CheckFire™ system was so well received!

On day two we were luck to meet up with quite a few of our existing partners and show them the CheckFire™ system as it works within their existing FLMS environment. We now have a full list of piloting partner departments and even more waiting for our full rollout of the stand alone CheckFire™ system. Our E-Training system is designed from the ground up to help fill gaps in any sized departments training cycle, and win back time to do practical work and training. Once again we listened as our partners gave us new and fantastic ideas on how we can further shape the Fire Learning Management System to meet their needs.

We did give ourselves a few minutes each day to visit other booths. Of note was the Scott In-Mask Thermal Imager. We were very skeptical after seeing the pictures. Worries of hangup points, weight and battery life, in addition to how old eyes like ours might react to a tiny little screen.

None of these worries were founded however, because the system is light, easy to use and worked great with my old eyes.

Thanks to all our partner departments that came by and to those new ones we are reaching out to after the show!


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